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Being, Included

Living in a body unable to travel far means I no longer wander into the adventures of the outer world.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still have adventures but they’re different. They involve burnt red coloured foxes and large grey winged herons, staccato screeches of pheasants and the copycat imitations of starlings.

My adventures also include short snapshots of the world. A short visit or a short visitor. A pop by of a neighbour or a passing friend but for the most part, I live away from the workings of the outer skins of the world. I just am.

It’s nice though not to be forgotten by that world and yesterday that world reached out to me, inviting me to a wedding, the requester aware I would not make it but nonetheless wanted to include me. As was said, I’m a friend.

Inclusion is a must in our globular world, a needed reference point upon our ever moving stage, as needed as our North and our South. Each of us dots among a giant compass of a world, dots joining one another together. Some lines apparent, others more blurred.

I sit within my blurred line today, thankful to be able to just be. Included.


8 thoughts on “Being, Included

  1. Seasons greetings Marie. I was only saying yesterday that I could be long dead in my house and no one would know. Inclusion is so important. It’s one of the hardest parts of ME. I used to always be reliable, committed and present. Now I am unreliable, unable to commit and absent. Out of sight out of mind. Most times my children (all adults), my.parents and my wonderful husband (and best friend) are enough but sometimes inclusion in society would be nice.

    1. Seasons greetings to you also Wendy.

      In our absent and unreliable states, we are still here and we do still exist. It’s just unfortunate some forget about us but we are fortunate to have those who don’t.

      For most, remembering us is like conscious thinking!

  2. most powerful blog, Marie

    May I include it in the March 2019-issue of the ME Global Chronicle? And in Dutch translation at ME Centraal, of which I’m admin & moderator?

    Wishing you a peaceful New Years Eve and a brigt, joyful and inspiting 2019

    Editor ME Global Chronicle

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