Flights to Fight

As has become tradition in this household, my eyes and ears spent April searching for clues as to the arrival of the cuckoo and our travelling guests the house martins. This April didn’t disappoint.

Ten days from months end, the call of the cuckoo echoed from the forest surrounding me and by the final day, the house martins were busy on my gable end, nest building in full flight.

As these foreign languages fill my summer air and the small white hatched eggs of the house martin fall to my quizzical feet, all I can do is surmise as to the birth rate and assume as to what’s on trend and on topic in their community as our two worlds briefly collide like spinning planets.

Come Autumn they will return to their homelands where another human will eagerly await their arrival, until then it’s chatter galore here while the next generation fights to survive. I only hope they do.



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  1. I do hope there is enjoyment in it for them, at least part of the time. I wonder if they have any appreciation of what they can do. Animals are fascinating.

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