From Zero to Fourteen

Having endured the longest winter of my life, yesterday, the first day of a long awaited spring finally arrived, with temperatures in double digits for the first time this season. Topping out at fourteen degrees Celsius.

Standing outside our back door, my husband commented on the heat as I stood like a  photosynthesising plant, soaking up every ounce of light, listening to the garden delights.

Returning indoors I fought the urge to light a bonfire or host a pagan ceremony thanking the sun and all day through my senses of sight and sound and feel, I continued to fight that urge.

My blossom tree is about to open, buds are slowly beginning to uncurl themselves between every branch and hedge and plants who weeks ago sat beneath layers of snow, now sit basking in the heat of the light.

From day time temperatures that dipped below zero, wind chill effects, ice, snow, blizzards, snow drifts, wind, hail, thunder, rain, we’ve encountered mother nature at her most vicious and yesterday, at her best.

I like her good side best and know enough to enjoy that side of her, for as long as she wishes to show it.

Happy spring and happy light fest!