Living with ME

When you find yourself saying No

No is a word overused within the walls of this household. However I’ve yet to discover a more appropriate word, its two short letters enough to stop something from happening.

It’s a word I found myself using most recently when about to do a daily Sudoku puzzle in a newspaper.

Suddenly, realising I was to sit into our car and drive to an appointment, my fingers swiftly tapped the X button on the top hand corner of the page, my mouth telling my brain “No, you can’t do both a Sudoku and drive in one day.” My body grateful to have alleviated the mishap which might have happened.

There have been No’s issued also to the invites for Christmas Lunches, dinners and teas and No’s too issued to perspective visitors, their planned visits postponed until the New Year.

It’s funny how you get used to saying No, especially when it means saving yourself from the perils of life beyond a small box. Now all I have to do is discover an alternative word.