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One step on a long road of steps?

Having an illness such as ME, you become accustomed to ignorant comments.

Such words are part and parcel of living with a condition that few know and understand – most of the knowledgeable people being patients, not the wider world – .

However, when you sit opposite a doctor and listen to their illiterate spews, then the casualness of such ignorance becomes slightly more unbearable.

After all, how are patients supposed to learn to cope with ME if the very people supposedly supporting those patients, aren’t supporting them at all?

Solve that riddle if you will.

As I’ve said many a time, I’m one of the lucky ones. A) I’m moderately affected and so have learnt to adapt to my new life – if living means life between a home and garden mostly – and B) I’ve got a doctor in my life who’s in my corner supporting me. That said, I’ve sat opposite many a medic who have passed what can only be described as ill judged mutterings during my almost six years of illness.

Being the optimistic idiot I am, I keep waking, checking if  today is the day when medics will vindicate this illness of psychobabble nonsense and step up to the plate as a whole. Each and every one of them supporting patients, not just a select few.

Today isn’t that day but a step has been taken.

Ireland’s only investigative medical news website, the medical independent, posted this editorial piece recently, touching on the disgraceful attitudes within some sections of medicine towards ME and ME patients.

We will eventually get to where we deserve to be.