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Spoiler Alert – Goodbye –

To some this internet of things is a tool of usefulness, a place of learning, a pot in which to meet people, to share views and thoughts and hopes and dreams.

Like everything, this thing of things has its ups and downs and like a kite bobbing in strong winds, I fear those winds are getting stronger as this tool morphs even further.

As you all know I like simple and as such enjoy looking at a kite folded on the ground, it doesn’t have to be feet above my head. I’m happy knowing what it can do.

So this is it guys, I’m folding up my kite and as I do, I wish to thank you all for your company over these past few years. It’s been fun, buckets of fun. But like all good things…

You can of course continue to contact me by leaving replies or via the contact page above and although I won’t be posting anything new, I’ll leave these pages public until they become mulched earth.

Slán agus beannacht.



Welcome to the words of a new-aged hermit whose cupboards hold a degree in Equine Science & a qualification as an Accounting Technician and my kitchen table a farm of words. Refusing to allow illness - Myalgic Encephalomyelitis - impact my quest to fill the world with words, more than 70 of my poems have appeared in magazines, journals, anthologies and in my own collection Observant Observings, in Ireland, the UK, Canada, India and the US. My published articles concerning illness, anti-bullying and varying viewpoints have appeared in newsprint and my regular column can be read in the magazine Athenry News and Views.

2 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert – Goodbye –

  1. Ah Marie, sorry to hear you are stopping blogging. Maybe you will pick up again at some later point when the time is right. My own blog is in semi-dormancy…. but every now and then I have something to say. Hope life is being good to you. Best wishes. xx

    1. Thanks Sally.

      Over the last number of years I’ve fallen more and more out of love with the internet… hermit living works best for me. The good simple life!

      I too hope you’re well. xx

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