Musings from her couch – May Issue

Is privacy a word of our past? Something the next generation will hear about but never fully understand and will blame be placed on us for its demise?

After all, it’s we who allow social media sit with us at dinner tables, share intimate family dates, some even take this social tool away on holidays, posting pictures for everyone else to see.

Have we lost the capability to share a private moment with only those in that moment with us and how bettered are we for sharing our private details? Have the social media conglomerates misdirected our attention, and while we’re busy sharing all our information, their employees are busy constructing profiles of us, taking note of what it is we buy, where we go and who we go with. Do complete strangers know about those shoes you recently bought? Do they know how many people are in your family? Where you live? Do they have your e-mail address?

As a child I was told not to talk to strangers and never give my address or phone number to anyone I didn’t know, now everything appears to be shared with people we don’t know. And it’s our hands that have uploaded the photos, typed the comments and the tweets, we’re the ones who willingly broke down the veil of privacy. Something once cherished and minded. Something we’ve given away for free.

Were we conned into it? Perhaps but whether we did so willingly or unwillingly, we’re about to send privacy to a redundant dictionary. About to teach children what that word was, what it meant in our daily lives and we’re going to have to explain why we gave it up.


(As published in the Athenry News and Views Magazine, May Issue)