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The Tempestuous Bat

Did you know bats will come into your kitchen if you leave your backdoor open at twilight?

And it turns out, they don’t like to leave easily… those little wings and their twisting and turning above your head, at your head, to the side of your head will have you dipping and diving almost in awe, if it weren’t for the fact of the task at hand.

Losing the battle, I enlisted the help of my very unhappy husband, his job to hold up a bed sheet and help push the bat towards the open door, while I had a large bath towel doing the very same. One problem, two of us, a large kitchen/sunroom and one very deft flying bat…

As it turns out, our flying bat ended up requiring some rest and so que a stool and my hand in the towel reaching up to our kitchen cupboards…  a small squeal from my palm and the flying creature was soon back in the comforting surroundings of the darkened outdoors.