Time Heals All?

We’ve all heard the phrase “Time heals all wounds”. Whether these words have been said to us or by us, we’ve heard of this mysterious clock, the one that ticks by effortlessly, healing every wound and scar.

For most, the clock is never found, the wounds never fully heal and the scars are reminders of the past, the one we’ve managed to survive.

Living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) I hear many references to this clock:

“The hot weather of the summer will help you”

“Another year and you’ll be better”

and the most famous

“Give it time and you’ll be back to good health”

I gave up on time a long time ago. I had to in order to survive, in order to make sense of this new life, in order to enjoy my new life.

I put the past away and began living in the now, knowing this is the only moment that matters.

I accepted the unknown, accepted I may never meet my past life or self again and accepted the changes and alterations to my life. Accepted ME may be a forever presence and if so, that’s okay.

Since doing this, I’m living my way, living in the good days, all be they limited as to what I was once capable of doing,  I’m still living.

And so it irks me when mindless comments such as “Give it time” and “Another year…” are said to me. Such words belittle my existence, their utterance attempts at stating my current life is somehow inadequate. When I know it’s not.

There’s no need for mysterious clocks here, especially when each day begins with a fresh new sunrise and the opportunity to watch the changing seasons and patterns of life within my garden and surrounding countryside.

Perhaps there is a need for those who utter such phrases to accept my life doesn’t need their clocks?