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Simon & ME

The Irish ME/CFS Association are hosting screenings of the ME documentary “Forgotten Plague” in varying venues throughout Ireland for the month of May. And when writing my first letter to the newly appointed health minister Mr. Simon Harris, asking the same question I asked his predecessor“When will ME patients in Ireland receive the care they deserve from the medical profession?” I included an invitation to attend the Blachardstown screening.

Today on International ME Awareness Day, I received the following response:

“I wish to acknowledge receipt of your recent letter requesting the Minister to attend free screenings of the ME documentary, “Forgotten Plague” being held by the Irish ME/CFS Association on Sunday May 29th at 3pm in Crowne Plaza, Blanchardstown . Your letter will be brought to the attention of the Minister at the earliest opportunity.”

Being an eternal optimist, I’ve every hope a man elected into government by the people of this country will turn up to the viewing on May 29th…