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The Scarlet Leaf Review

“Literature is an art that offers us hours of meditation, relaxation and entertainment or makes us think, stand up for an idea, take a stand. As one of the arts, it courts the others and completes the others” – Editor in Chief of the Scarlet Leaf Review.

This is a sentiment I share, a sentiment that has quadrupled in size since falling ill four years ago. As most of you know, I blame the use of meditation and mindfulness for the eruptive explosions in my brain and like any writer, love to share my words with anyone willing to read.

Three of my latest poems can be found between the pages of  the Scarlet Leaf Review “Defiled My Father” – a poem about farm ownership in Ireland, “Limited Horizon” – a contrast between my view and those seeking entry to the EU and “Work of Some God” – a short poem about the imperfections of life and our perceptions.

You can read each in full here.