The Variability of Remaining Static

For the most part, my north, south, east and west remain the same four squiggly lines in all directions, my horizon unchanged.

However, thanks to the earths tilting axis, its rotation and the earths orbit around the sun, my view changes daily, even if minutely, and as each season appears, a new wardrobe of coloured clothes arrive, amending my stage, my static becoming a constant variable.

Two weeks ago, during the early morning shift from September 27th into the 28th, the night sky, ablaze with stars and a full moon, performed a solo act, a total lunar eclipse, the supermoon transformed into a blood red balloon. And so the regularities of my night sky, morphed into an art lovers dream.

At present, this art gallery has been mobilised to the ground and I’m busy watching an eclectic mix of lightened greens and yellows and musty shades of browns, autumns apparel fashioning the spotlight.

Next month will bring a different, another change to my constant.