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The Merits of an Empty Brain

A good nights sleep solves all problems, or so I’ve heard.

There must be some truth in this because people spend a lot of time sourcing the Goldilocks of mattresses, luscious bed sheets and inviting fluffy pillows. Not to mention creating the right ambiance in a bedroom, a warm and soothing decor, a relaxing scent. There’s a whole lot of money in sleep and I haven’t even touched on the gadgets and medications.

Whether sleep solves all problems or not, it’s a must for us humans. Without it, we become irate bobcats.

Without sleep in my own life, I wake on the minus side of the energy scale. A no, no. So, over the past six months, I’ve conducted a scientific analysis on my quality of sleep. Yes, my life is a small one… laugh now…

With my research complete, I can now report the following:

I’ve discovered if I nod off to sleepy world without clearing my thoughts, I’ll land in a nightmarish limbo land and spend my entire twelve hours in bed, dreaming of exaggerated scenarios based in the real world. And I’ll wake feeling as if I’ve lived out every one of the horrific quests, my energy depleted before my day begins.

Here’s where I bring meditation into the scenario, meditation, not medication…

With the use of this wonderful free tool, I lie flat on my back, focusing on my breath and with every exhale, I let go of any stray thought stuck in my brain, emptying its entire contents into the anti-sleep bin. And when I begin to take even deeper, longer breaths and no longer feel the need to concentrate on emptying my brain, I know I’ve done it. I know every piece of imagery, every vowel and syllable, every budding thought has been pruned and I’m left empty.

My shoulders have dropped, my body is fully supported by the mattress beneath me and I begin to count slowly, nodding off into a crazy world of dreams, only this time, bizarre places filled with butterflies and birds, wings and feathers.

And there I stay, sleeping until my body is ready to wake, rested. That’s right, wonderfully rested. My energy scale set to my normality of being able to complete a task with rest periods interspersed throughout my day.

As for the mental knowledge that I’ve woken from a good nights sleep… well, that’s priceless.