Poem: Into Death

Spending so much of my time alone with words, I welcome any opportunity to share.

My latest sharing occurred in the newly published magazine, JuxtaProse Literary Magazine.

Where my poem “Into Death” appeared:

Her grief was as palpable as the malnourished
Briars of November jutting from each shrunken ditch.
Unlike the briars, their thin wristing arms protruding
Towards my chest, she stood away from me, in the West
Beyond the lapping of an Ocean in Milford, Connecticut.

Placing thumb and finger upon a weakened thorn
I felt a stabbing pain and my eyes drooping
Fell upon hidden roots, gulping like my uncle did
Gasping at every molecule of oxygen, drinking
Slurping, swallowing each pocket of winter’s witching air
Between shrapnel’s of frost, and sanding’s of snow
Each element attempting to stave off contorted valves, strangling,
Cursing each tautened briar to death.