Poem: Freeze Frame

Below is my poem Freeze Frame from the recently published literary journal, Literature Today, Volume Two (Dr Deepak & Dr Pradeep Chaswal 2015).

It was the second day
Of the middle month of autumn,
Almost 8pm, not yet dark but heading there.

The patch of sky, where your black tipped wings
Soared above my head, was red,
A reddish hint with whitened clouds behind it,
And in the gaps some blue. A glimpse of days before,
Long summer hours when you and yours
Flew bellied up, above my head
Circling, like children out of school
With lengthening days out stretched to play.
That day you flew alone, the rest no doubt behind you
Returning from a practice flight,
Weeks were all you had, before departure
To your sun drenched nest.

Underneath your wings I stood,
Hand waving, knowing of the little left,
The seasons change, the hotter sands.

And in that moment,
That picture frame I would no doubt gaze upon
During a frosted night, or starlit evening,
I asked, if you would freeze it too,
That joyous bond, your wing beat
Close my waving hand.
Only, you didn’t answer, I never knew.