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I Still Believe

Call me naive, call me stupid, but I still believe.

I believe there will be a day, when all doctors will agree as to the origins of myalgic encephalomyelitis. All doctors will have adequate knowledge to treat all patients and all patients will have access to treatment.

I believe researchers work tirelessly in their little elf labs, studying petri dishes, bloods, feces, whatever it takes to discover a cure. A cure to my friend myalgic encephalomyelitis. A friend with many arms, arms reaching like octopus, stretching across lands, clutching at families, tearing down friendships.

Tentacles weakening muscles, zapping all energy, drumming on heads, refusing to rest. Arms pushing people to bed, in wheelchairs, away from the life they once led. 25% of patients have severe ME, they are bed ridden, confined to one room, in need of carers, for them, being merely housebound would be a blessing, to get out of bed, a wish come true.

And so in my head, I hear the scientists work, and wait for the day when someone will say, we know what we’re dealing with. Imagine, knowing why healthy people suddenly meet our wonderful friend. Imagine having a drug, a small tiny pill, to take twice a day to cure up the ill?

Well I imagine, all the time, and will continue to dream and hope that one day, in the not so distant future, a cure will be found to an illness which has been around for decades, an illness that is not rare, an illness that reeks devastation on families, an illness tainted with misconception, an illness for which, everyone should care.

Who knows where her arms will reach next? She is that monster in a sci-fi movie, no one is safe! 

It is this dream that led me to write a letter to a pharmaceutical company recently, questioning their role in the discovery of a cure, asking if their biochemists are working on something, anything. As I write this I’m still waiting on an answer and have no idea if my letter was even read. But I hope it was, for I’m still naive enough to hope.